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NCC Section J & JV3 Compliance

Commercial buildings have a number of compliance options, the two most common are:

  • Deemed to Satisfy Section J Provisions, and
  • JV3 Energy Modelling Verification Method.

The NCC Section J DTS compliance method calculates minimum requirements for buildings, looking at each area of the building independently (floor, roof, wall facade etc.) and is suitable for some building types but not others. For example, buildings with a large amount of display glass, like showrooms, may not be able to achieve compliance at all using this assessment method. 

The JV3 Energy Compliance Assessment models the building in Energy Software which generates the whole of building energy consumption.

The assessor creates a reference building, modelling the design in an as compliant state with the deemed to satisfy requirements and then compares the proposed design allowing for certain trade offs between aspects (e.g. building fabric to building services).

Compliance is achieved if the assessor can demonstrate that the proposed building does not exceed the energy consumption of the reference building. 

The assessment itself is more expensive than the Section J DTS assessment due to the time involved in this assessment method, but the outcomes are generally preferred by clients and builders. 

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