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Additions & Alterations to Residential Dwellings

NatHERS 6 Star Energy Ratings can only be done on a whole of house modelled design, meaning that they are not ideal for additions and alterations where only the new and/or altered part of the building needs to comply with current building standards. 

There is no requirement to upgrade existing areas of the dwelling or to construct the additions and/or alterations to a level where the whole house now achieves a 6 Star Energy Rating. 

For this reason, the DTS Elemental Provisions are the usual go-to option for compliance reporting for additions and alterations. 

In Western Australia, a performance solution protocol has been created called the WA Additions and Alterations Protocol. It is a two-part protocol, one part which can be done using the DTS Elemental Provisions and the other using a HERS modelling option. 

The Protocol calculates the thermal requirements based on an area-weighted average between the existing dwelling and the new and/or altered part of the dwelling, taking into account the energy efficiency requirements at the time the existing building was constructed. 

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