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CF Building Approvals have extensive experience as building surveyors for local governments, businesses and individuals.

Working directly for many WA builders and contractors, and as the lead building consultant and surveyor for several local governments in West Australia, the CFBA team is well respected and trusted in the WA building industry.

We ensure that all projects meet absolute compliance with relevant legislation before issuing compliance certificates, so you can be confident that your building and structural designs are both compliant and safe.

With fast turnaround times, honest and accurate reporting, and knowledgeable specialists on hand for your questions, CF Building Approvals provide quality assurance and exceptional service for your project certification requirements.

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We provide a complete range of certification and consultation services for a wide variety of structures and construction.

Assessment of your proposed structure against the National Construction Code, with a Certificate of Design Compliance if compliant.

Assessment of your proposed structure against the National Construction Code, with a Certificate of Design Compliance if compliant.

We carry out a site inspection and subsequently issue a Certificate of Building Compliance (CBC) Strata if compliant.

A site inspection and subsequent issue a Certificate of Construction Compliance required for obtaining your Occupancy Permit. 

We provide three methods of energy compliance for new residential dwellings:

  1. Deemed to Satisfy Elemental Provisions,
  2. NatHERS 6 Star Energy Rating, and
  3. Verification Method, using a Reference Building.

There is no requirement to upgrade existing areas of the dwelling or to construct the additions and/or alterations to a level where the whole house now achieves a 6 Star Energy Rating. 

For this reason, the DTS Elemental Provisions are the usual go-to option for compliance reporting for additions and alterations. 

Commercial buildings have a number of energy compliance options, the two most common are:

  • Deemed to Satisfy Section J Provisions, and
  • JV3 Energy Modelling Verification Method.

We assess building lots in accordance with Australian Standard AS3959 and issue a report detailing the bushfire attack level and subsequent design and construction requirements.

We can provide general advice on Building Legislation, National Construction Code interpretation and Local Government Application Processes.

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